Smartricity’s supply partner Ocalink has received Health Canada certification for its Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ and are now accepting international orders.

GEORGETOWN, ON., September 9, 2020- Smartricity Inc. is proud to announce that their continued work and perseverance on the Ocalink Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ (PEV™) has reached realization with Ocalink Technologies Inc. now accepting Purchase Orders after receiving Health Canada certification.

Smartricity, who previously announced a partnership with Baylis Medical and the Ventilators for Canadians initiative, has also been working with Ocalink on the critical blower motor used in their ventilator since their early designs.

Co-founder and COO, Mike Cowen says, “We specialize in mission critical electric motor applications where reliability, efficiency, and sustainability is of utmost importance. We worked with Ocalink to develop and supply the best motor for the PEV™, where someone’s life depends on it; exactly what we do best.

Besides Smartricity’s technological expertise, they also pride themselves on being able to fix problems and offer solutions not only on the technical side, but also on the business development front.

“Our leadership team is made of multi-disciplinary experts who’s technical and business insight stretch far beyond the norm. We also have strong partnerships, collaborations, and contacts with leaders across various industries. As a result, when we take on projects, we offer assistance and support on solving any problems that arise; not only on the technical side” says Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Sonsogno.

One of the biggest hurdles of this project was getting the final Health Canada approval.

“We worked diligently in collaboration with Ocalink though our own previous experience, industry connections, and our hired consultants to get the job done in record time. The PEV™ received it’s Health Canada certification on August 27, 2020 assuring it is safe and effective for both hospital ICU emergency and makeshift hospitals operating to serve the pandemic,” Cowen added.

Ocalink’s PEV™ is a Class III medical device ventilator which can continuously deliver pressure-controlled ventilation through several modes using a turbine-based design and can be used for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. Its key feature is that the PEV™ does not require medical compressed air to function due to its turbine-based design that runs on electricity only, while having the ability to be supplemented with optional external oxygen sources to deliver higher oxygen content. Such design means that the PEV™ can be used in makeshift hospitals in addition to regular hospital settings. The PEV™’s box-shaped design and hard storage case make it ideal for stockpiling and storage compared to traditional stand-up ventilator designs.

“This is a very exciting time for Ocalink as our first manufactured units can now ship, and we can bring our made-in-Canada solution to the world. Because our simple yet sophisticated design contains fewer than 60 [major] components, all of which are either directly machined in Canada or are readily available parts, we are in the position to manufacture in large quantities and scale up to 1,000 devices a day despite a currently constrained global supply chain,” says Corbin Lowe, Ocalink Co-founder and CEO.

It is with great pleasure that we invite the world to visit the link below to request a full datasheet on the Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ and register your interest in purchasing the now available units:


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